As I promissed...

Dear ladies, 

As I promissed, I am here! Well, every week I will come and try to write about something that is driving you nuts! Today, I will write about 3 things: my first hostfamily, your driver's license and my blog. Yeah, I know... they are not related, but they will be when I finish this. 

1- Your D's L.: do yourself a favor and come to the US with one! Driving here will save your life. You will be able to come and go as you please and it's not any different from driving in Brasil. Well, you will drive an automatic car, but that's easy... maybe drive a little faster than in Brazil, but that's about it... LOL ... Unless, you are going to a big city, like Manhattan or San Francisco, you will need a car. Most families live a little "too far" from downtown. Even the bus stop ou the subway station is not "around the corner". So, please, bring your D's L. 

2- My hostfamily is doing fine. I talked to my hostsister (I never called her hostmom) yesterday! The kids are great and they are getting ready for their summer adventure. They are going to cross the USA by car feeding the homeless, like they did last year. This year, though, you are going to be able to follow their blog. Maybe they are coming to your town and if you want to volunteer with them, there will be many events! You can check the Hunger Travels blog for details.They also support the American troops. So, girl, if you are going to live with a military family, get the spirit of it. They are passionate about the servicemen and women out there and what they do for America. That's why Katie created All For Helping. You can even talk to your hostfamily about it and tell them to joy us! There are many ways to get involved and help! I actually help from Brazil. I am responsable for our Facebook page! :)

3- My blog: my blog is under construction (always!)... So, please, dont get mad! I have written a few pages already, but between classes to teach and classes to take, I am always a little busy. My blog is your blog, so feel free to ask, suggest or only to read all of it. Soon enough, I will have it all the info you need in here! And you will love me forever! But, please, don't forget that there is a little something I want: a jar of peanut butter and a letter when you get there. I will need something extra to eat, while reading your letter telling me that you're going to NYC or Disney, while I am staying in Brasóóólia!! 

"força na peruca, girls!!"
 "Cada uno vive la vida que es capaz de imaginar"