I am still here!!

I checked my messages a few days ago and the blog told me that I had had visitors. OMG! It has been so long. So I decided to keep posting. Not about how my au pair year was, but how my life afterwards has been. I came back 5 years ago and I am still in touch with my host families. The one in NJ talks to me pretty much every day and the one in CA writes every other month. Despite our crazy lives and busy schedule, it is wonderful how our friendship remains the same. I miss them so much! As I said before, they are my family. I also miss my friends... One of them, got married last year and lives in CA. She is pregnant now. I could not be happier for her, I was her bridesmaid after all. =) The other one, from Boston, has a super cute baby! I miss them, too! My kids are so so so much older! This week I had news about Miss Mia who was going to have her friend over, and Bradley, Leo and Lucy who sent me pict of how cute they were at Bradley's Bar Mitzah!! 

And she was 3, now she is 9

Yeah, so dear readers how are you and your appl. going?! Need help?!