wow, mais de 2 meses sem postar. Foi maldade nao. Nem preguica! Foi correria mesmo!

My lfe is always in the fast lane over here. The fact that I am working like crazy, let me unable to chat online like before. All the free time that I have is spent with friends, books or sleeping! Sleeping? If you can say so, because I've been sleeping so little lately. Well, "bones of the job"...kkkkkk.... Lets go to the news? Ok! here we go... After June was gone, and not much had happened but work and some nights out with friends, July came. Josie came from NY to visit me and Ana came from Germany to visit our hostfamily. We spent days between the pool, the movie theater and the park. Of coure, San Chico as well. We went to the Gay Pride Parade, just to watch and have some fun. Its the largest one! July also brought me a huge responsability of an English course. The course is done for now and I had so much fun. New friends, a lot of reading and writing. Great!! Meanwhile, my life became a bit more confortable when comes to be concerned about my job. I am not having a cow for nothing, anymore! I understand the kids better (yes, we still fight- I love action!), and the feeling of being home is stronger now! I still talk to my other hostFAMILIA em NJ every week or so. Well, July also came and went by really fast. August started full of promisses by the warm weather and cool briese. An Earthquake shaked one of our nights and left me with the feeling of being alive. Another feeling showed up, too. In the end of June some stuff happened .... It was not much, but enought to make me aware of my weakness. I've learned my lesson... Well, I think I am growing strong, thats how I see all that had happened. In the other hand, my friendship w/ other friends are also stronger now. We went to a "Festa Junina", to an Island, saw a lot of movies... Life is good, I keep saying. Sometimes you are up, sometimes you are down. The secret is to enjoy the ride! Now September is almost here. My moms B-day is tomorrow and father's day was last week. I felt so lonely. Homesick! But it did not last too long. Thats it for now. Hope to come back here soon... If I forget, drop me a note by e-mail or Orkut and let me know it's time to take the dust out of this place again...