Not Easy

I already said that life here is not easy... sometimes you are on the spot, and sometimes on the edge too( you cant even pick one!). But its still not a reason for regret about your year and experience abroad. In fact, it is all that experience that brings you every morning the desire to keep going. The news things every day, the friends, the new places... New experiences... After finding that new friend I was telling about, we decided to go on a nice trip- with more friends- last weekend.... Everything was preatty organized and our plans were good... The weather was Ok. Not so bad... cold, but not frizzin'... Well, my point here is not that weekend itself, but how in two sec so much can change... I met two brazilian girls a week before all that... And now the circle of friends is even bigger....one of them ended up going camping with us. The other one was having a B-day party and invited us over (we had just met at the store)... So crazy! Just look like I know them from before. One more time I felt very lucky! One more time... And if life was a puzzle, my pieces were finally getting together.... Have you ever felt that way?

PAUSE: PICTURE: I was reading the news paper... I do it everyday(or almost). Well, if in one hand I've been so blessed, in the other I feel like I should help others, like Olivia, she is 14 and almost gave up school for a sad reason: bullyng. (Thats when people around pick on you: they'd say anything to make you believe that you are not good.). So Olivia was called fat, ugly, lier... and so on... she moved to another school and one more time, everybody was picking on her. Her mother was homeschooling her...when Olivia was helped by two sisters that knew about Olivia's problem... The sisters started a lovely and warm "little thing": they'd ask everybody to send Olivia a true message of how she should be strong and do not give it up. Well, now Olivia is back to school and her "thing" became a huge movement across the country to keep other kids happy on schools here in US, because a research proved that "bullyng" is the first stage for depression that could end up like Columbine or Virginia Tech. Or on high rates of suicide if the young mind cant hang on anymore. So I am doing my share and passing on the message: BE STRONG. No matter what: DO NOT GIVE UP! And if you think twice you will realize that that happens in all stages of life: at work, between friends, at home... So keep going... Find a passion to keep you sober. And pass the message on because you are special for someone.
And finally answering the questions: Well, when I was looking for a new family wasn't because of my other hostfamily, that I still love and that are still my friends. It was just a matter of schedulle- they could not have me the way the wanted to. What I think about moving on to a new family on your 2 year? I think that it depends on you. Are you strong? You are going to struggle to learn all again. But, in the other hand, the new experience about testing your limits and know more people, finding more friends and know a new place, is great. Money cant buy! rsrsrsrs... My advise? There is no advise. Follow your heart and your God. Listen to it closely and let me know the answer. =)
Thats all guys... missing home a lot. Saudades e beijos p/ Katia e pra Erica.
PS: Once you get here you realize that time flies and there is not much time left to write as much as you wish!!!