Sooner than it seems life turns around! =)
Life here is not easy, I regret to think that life is easy any where else. Life is always life and the way you take all that happens is what takes to make life fun or sorrow. And on the past two weeks I've been very lucky. On a charmy morning I went to a bookstore and the book I was looking for was sold out. Talking to a nice guy that works there, he got my e-mail and number in case the book arrives. The thing was that a simple e-mail started a friendship that I hope last for long and good. We met again and his friends are my friends now, and they are all fun and seem to be like me. Somehow I feel like I know them form before and that I can just fit there. I feel confortable and it is fun to be around then. Saturday we went out again and the night ended up preatty magical. We all went for breakfast in San Francisco and after that, for a walk on the beach. Was good. I was feeeling home and have some friends was a big part of the whole thing.
Thanks to all of them for "let me in"... for those who are "crossing their fingeres" for me...
Hug and kisses for everybody... missing home but holding on.... =)